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Fun and exciting English classes!
Looking for a way to deliver more engaging lessons through play? Our Let’s DO IT online learning adventures offer innovative educational tools to make learning English easier and more stimulating. Is it a language course? Is it online theatre? Thanks to its multidisciplinary design, it’s so much more: English language training through play, laughter and theatre.

Discover a playful learning system where students enjoy themselves as well as developing their listening comprehension through funny comedy sketches, songs and choreographies, and complete online games to improve their vocabulary and grammar. In addition, thanks to the design of the platform, they develop both their individual and teamwork skills to solve puzzles and games with the knowledge they possess.

Why Let´s DO IT?

  • Promotes a taste for theatre and the arts in general.
  • Integrates theatre within the school curriculum
  • Increases linguistic competence
  • Develops and encourages independent learning
  • Enhances digital competence
  • Encourages teamwork
  • Increases student participation

We have shows for every age and educational level!

Descubre la obra de teatro interactiva online "Frog Prince"

3 TO 7

Descubre la obra de teatro interactiva online "Treasure Island"

7 TO 12

Descubre la obra de teatro interactiva online "Death by Haircut"

12 TO 16

Descubre la obra de teatro interactiva online "Shakespeare in Chicago"


Descubre la obra de teatro interactiva online "Robin Hood"


Descubre la obra de teatro interactiva online "A Fishy Tale"


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Bring the magic of theatre into your classroom with fun educational activities in English.

Obras de teatro online en formato digital para niños de todas las edades
Coloquios en directo en inglés con los actores

What does each pack contain?


The shows are divided into 4 parts or scenes in order to work on the content in a detailed way through:

  • Highlights from each video
  • Written and audio material on vocabulary and dialogues
  • Interactive exercises and solutions
  • Songs
  • Choreographies
  • Dialogues
  • Review rounds
  • Reinforcement sessions
  • and much more….


Una vez el grupo ha finalizado el programa, pueden disfrutar de la obra completa aplicando sus nuevos conocimientos para mejorar su experiencia como espectadores.

Once your group has completed the pack, they can enjoy the entire play, applying their new knowledge to enhance their viewing experience.


Each show includes a Teacher’s Pack in PDF which includes audio files to support and guide you. It contains: additional exercises and games, vocabulary, extracts and songs from the show as well as many recommendations. In addition, we regularly update our online resources section with new ideas and resources so that you can introduce new techniques every time you use our packs.


Students will also have the unique opportunity to converse in real time in English with the actors of the play via streaming! In this way we manage to maintain that extra interaction with the audience; something we really enjoy and which we think is very important as well as being one of our defining characteristics.

The talkbacks consist of a round of questions plus an activity related to the play (song, dance, debate…).

Interactive Activities

With a clear educational base, Let’s DO IT responds to the curricular objectives of learning English for ages 3 and above:

  • Listening comprehension
  • Written comprehension
  • Oral expression and interaction
  • Written expression and interaction

The activities in Let’s DO IT offer the possibility for students to interact with the content in the form of a game.

The gaming format helps to increase student participation, stimulate teamwork and consolidate English language learning through the continuous assessment and self-correction involved in using gaming techniques.


Obras de teatro online con actividades interactivas para niños de todas las edades
Obras de teatro online con actividades interactivas para niños de todas las edades

Design, atmosphere and immersion with Let’s DO IT

Let’s DO IT offers a totally immersive experience in the language thanks to a very complete set of visual and auditory resources.

Face 2 Face, in collaboration with a team of specialised graphic designers, has managed to re-imagine the shows in a different, attractive and novel way, with an artistic and communicative coherence that grips the spectator from beginning to end.

Immersing oneself in a colourful fantasy world with fairytale characters and lively music OR solving a mystery in 1970’s London becomes a much more exciting challenge especially considering how each show is personalised for each age group and theme.

Opinions from teachers and students…

How does it work?

Enjoying Let’s DO IT is very simple:

Elige el plan que mejor se adapte a tu grupo


Choose the plan that best suits the needs of your group.

Regístrate y activa tu suscripción


Register and activate your subscription. Voilá! You’re all set to enjoy Interactive Digital Theatre.

Atención al cliente por teléfono, whatsapp o email


We accompany you throughout the whole process. You can contact us at any time before or during the contracting process to solve all your doubts. Customer service by phone, whatsapp and email.

Gamification and theatre, a huge potential in English language teaching

Let’s DO IT is a new way of connecting students with theatre and the practice of English. An online platform that uses video game techniques and new gamification tools to interact with teachers and students in a fun and entertaining way, making each class a unique experience, while presenting the best-loved shows that make up our company’s catalogue.

Let’s DO IT combines games and theatre in English to encourage language learning. A journey in which they will be collecting trophies and rewards, all in a very flexible way and adjusted to their natural progression, in order to satisfy their experience. Because that’s what it’s all about, laugh while you learn!

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