a fishy tale es una obra de teatro digital interactivo
Teatro online interactivo - A Fishy Tale
formato - interactivo digital


Interactive Digital

idioma - ingles



target - 3 a 7 años


3 – 8 years

genero - educativo



idioma - ingles


4 scenes

aulas - pizarras digitales


Digital Whiteboards

Turn your classroom into a Fisherman’s boat and sail the seas in search of adventure.

Learning English has never been this fun! Join Sushi the Magic Fish and Joe the Fisherman in this mish-mash of theatre, video, online games and sing along.

A Fishy Tale” tells the story of a poor fisherman and his wife who constantly dreams of a life of luxury and wealth. With this adaptation of the traditional Brothers Grimm tale, “The Fisherman and His Wife”, Face 2 Face examines the themes of poverty, greed and forgiveness using humour, song, puppetry and lots of audience participation.

The perfect play for teachers and students to enjoy the experience of theatre in English during the language learning process.

37 activities,
49 minutes of video

A Fishy Tale is divided into 4 sessions or lesson plans that are structured around the 4 scenes that make up the show. The online material is designed so that each session lasts the duration of a class, including a multitude of didactic exercises prior to the A Fishy Tale video, karaoke songs and choreographies for Tik Tok and revision exercises.

The show is accompanied by a Teacher’s Pack so that teachers can adapt the itineraries and didactic resources included in the show in a very simple way, adding additional practices adapted to the age and level of English of the students.

Teatro online interactivo - A Fishy Tale
Teatro online interactivo - A Fishy Tale
Teatro online interactivo - A Fishy Tale
Teatro online interactivo - A Fishy Tale

in the classroom

A theatrical and graphic adventure where the pupils are the stars!

A Fishy Tale features interactive exercises, songs, dances, dialogues and challenges to motivate learners. Our reward system makes the experience as challenging as it is fun and rewarding.

The objective: to advance in the adventure via different learning processes – vocabulary, grammar structures, pronunciation, listening… – until you all your wishes are granted!

A voyage across the seas designed to stimulate curiosity and imagination and enhance learning!


Each scene is carefully designed combining activities, games, videos, audios and review activities for fun, interactive and effective learning.

Escena 1

1.- Synopsis
2.- Vocabulary
3.- Meet the characters
4.- Song 1: Row your boat
5.- The show is about to begin…
6.- One fish, two fish

Escena 2

1.- Vocabulary Game
2.- Dialogue video
3.- True or False
4.- Song 2: Row your boat
5.- Find the Objects
6.- Video Scene 2

Scene 3

1.- Parts of the body
2.- Song: I’ve got the rhythm
3.- How many windows?
4.- The show is about to begin…
5.- One fish, two fish

Scene 4

1.- Clothes
2.- Order the story
3.- Song 5: 1,2,3,4,5
4.- Vocabulary revision
5.- Video Scene 4
6.- Picture sequencing 1
7.- Picture sequencing 2

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