the frog prince es una obra de teatro digital interacitvo
formato - interactivo digital


Digital Interactive

idioma - ingles



target - 3 a 7 años


3 to 7 years old

genero - educativo



idioma - ingles


4 scenes

aulas - pizarras digitales


Digital Whitebaords

Vive en tu aula el cuento the frog prince gracias a Let's do it digital online interactive theatre

Recreate the most entertaining tale of princesses, princes and castles right in your classroom

Oh, Princess Gwendolyn! She is as pretty as she is conceited, capricious and spoilt. Playing where she shouldn’t, her precious golden ball has fallen into a well. And now she is desperate. A frog who spends hours around the well promises Gwendolyn that he will help her get the ball back. But on one condition: he has to kiss her afterwards. Of course, promises the princess. But instead of keeping her promise, Gwendolyn runs away, leaving the frog in the lurch. The princess does not know that the animal, although ugly and smelly, hides a wonderful secret…

In ‘The Frog Prince’ we travel to a medieval castle where we meet a spoilt princess with whom we will share exciting adventures and a fun and surprising outcome! A story full of laughter, magic and values in which the students will play a surprising role learning and practising English together with their favourite characters from the play.

The perfect play for teachers and young learners to enjoy the experience of theatre in English during the language learning process!

25 activities,
38 minutes of video

The show is divided into 4 didactic sessions that include: videos, written and visual learning of vocabulary, exercises and solutions, songs and choreographies, dialogues, revision rounds and a lot more all designed and illustrated in a very attractive and functional way by our team of teachers and artists.This show is designed for children in Infant and Primary Education in bilingual and non-bilingual schools.

With the help of our Teacher’s Pack, teachers will be able to adapt the resources included in the show in a very simple way, using different educational approaches and additional games according to the different levels of the pupils, regardless of the age or the level of English of the children.

Teatro online interactivo - The Frog Prince
Teatro online interactivo - The Frog Prince
Teatro online interactivo - The Frog Prince
Teatro online interactivo - The Frog Prince

in the classroom

A theatrical and graphic adventure where the pupils are the stars!

The Frog Prince features games, interactive exercises, songs, dances, dialogues and challenges to motivate students. Our reward system makes the experience as challenging as it is fun and rewarding.

The objective: Through interactive and fun activities, the students will internalise vocabulary, grammatical structures, pronunciation..., even if they haven’t yet reached a high level of literacy. In order to do this, our digital version of “The Frog Prince” includes everything from didactic activities with Flash Cards to a multitude of interactive association games with audio which invite them to repeat vocabulary without needing to know how to read… 

A journey through the world of fantasy designed to stimulate curiosity and imagination and enhance learning!


Each scene is carefully designed combining activities, games, videos, audios and review activities for fun, interactive and effective learning.

‘Scene 1

1.- Synopsis
2.- Vocabulary: nouns and verbs
4.- Listening: Meet the characters
5.- Song 1: Happy Birthday to You’
6.- Song 2: ‘This is the way’
7.- Scene 1: ‘The Birthday Party’
8.- Revision: Vocabulary consolidation

Scene 2

1.- Vocabulary: nouns, verbs and adjectives
2.- Find the match: words and pictures
3.- Speaking: Dialogue
4.- Scene 2: ‘The Garden’
5.- Song 3: ‘The Frog Song’
6.- Revision: ‘Black out in the theatre’

Scene 3

1.- Grammar: Making sentences with Do & Don´t
2.- Song 4: ‘The parts of my body’
3.- Vocabulary: Find the match ‘The human body’
4.- Scene 3: ‘Magic!’
5.- Revision: How much do you remember?

Scene 4

1.- Listening: Attention to detail
2.- Song: ‘I love dancing!’
3.- Scene 4: ‘The Prince’
4.- How is your memory? – question time
5.- Memory (part 1): Picture sequencing
6.- Memory (part 2): Phrase sequencing
7.- Team Play: Quiz time!

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