shakespeare in chicago es una obra de teatro digital interacitvo
Aprende inglés con Shakespeare in Chicago, una obra de lets do it digital online interactive theatre
formato - interactivo digital


Digital Interactive

idioma - ingles



target - 3 a 7 años


14 and above

genero - educativo



idioma - ingles


4 scenes

aulas - pizarras digitales


Digital whiteboards

An interactive and fun way to approach the world of Shakespeare.

Whacko and Dick Vizioso, who are not only brothers, but also Chicago’s most badass gangsters, have robbed a bank and suddenly find that their loot is actually in fact The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. The only way to turn these books into money is to sell them to the students. How? By persuading them, in their own peculiar manner, of the relevance of each of Shakespeare’s plays and making the students enjoy the formal, literary and most beautiful fragments of Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello or Romeo and Juliet, among other plays.

The perfect show for teachers and students to enjoy the experience of theatre in English during the language learning process!

24 activities,
46 minutes of video

The show is made up of four live recorded scenes, each designed, with the support of interactive activities, as a whole lesson plan.

Each scene and lesson plan is pedagogically designed to delve into a specific play and sample of William Shakespeare’s literary work, including all the necessary information about that particular play and its relevance within the author’s theatrical and poetic oeuvre as a whole.

The play is also accompanied by a very complete Teacher’s Pack that explores the figure of the author and each of the plays that appear in the show and thus make the most of all the opportunities offered at a didactic level to immerse oneself in the figure and dramatic work of Shakespeare.

Teatro online interactivo - Shakespeare in Chicago
Teatro online interactivo - Shakespeare in Chicago

in the classroom

A theatrical and graphic adventure where the students are the protagonists!

Every day there are robberies all over the world. But with Shakespeare in Chicago, the robbery takes place in your own classroom, in front of all your students.

Shakespeare in Chicago is the most entertaining way to introduce teenagers to the world of Shakespeare and the perfect format to present and discuss human values and the effects of being driven by passion, all through the lens of some of Shakespeare’s greatest characters.

A journey through literature designed to stimulate curiosity and debate and enhance learning!


Each scene is carefully designed combining activities, games, videos, audios and review activities for fun, interactive and effective learning.

Scene 1

1.- Shakespeare’s Life

  • Biography
  • Bibliography
  • Fun Facts

2.- Famous Quotes

  • Vocabulary: What’s the meaning?
  • Quiz: Choose the correct answer

3.- Scene 1: ‘Macbeth’

Scene 2

1.- Plot synopsis: ‘Macbeth’

2.- ‘The Three Witches’

  • Extract
  • Video & transcript
  • Quiz: True or False

3.- ‘Romeo & Juliet’

  • Grammar: The correct order
  • Vocabulary: Link the words to their descriptions
  • Comprehension: How did the story happen?

4.- ‘Romeo & Juliet’ – The Prologue

  • Translation: Shakespearean English into Modern English
  • Video & Transcript
  • Quiz: Choose the correct answer

5.- ‘Romeo & Juliet’ – The Balcony Scene

  • Video & transcript
  • Listening: The missing word

6.- Scene 2: ‘Convincing the audience’

Scene 3


  • Grammar: The correct order
  • Video: Synopsis
  • Character descriptions
  • Grammar: Types of adjectives
  • Connecting history: Othello Rap
  • Video: ‘Othello’


  • Time for discussion
  • Comprehension: Hamlet’s Speech into modern English
  • Video: Hamlet´s Soliloquy
  • Comprehension: What does it mean?
  • Famous Quote

3.- Scene 3: ‘Shakespeare in Chicago’

Scene 4

1.- Plot synopsis: ‘Hamlet’

  • Listening & Comprehension: A touch of humor

2.- ‘Summary of Act 5 Scene 2’

  • Famous Quote
  • Quiz: Choose the correct answer

3.- ‘Hamlet Finale’

  • Video: ‘The grand Finale’

4.- ‘Characters’

  • Grammar: Fill in the blanks

5.- Scene 4: ‘Shakespeare in Chicago’

Shakespeare in Chicago es una obra de Lets Do It digital online interactive theatre

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