death by haircut es una obra de teatro digital interacitvo
convierte tu aula en un despacho de detectives con death by haircut de let's DO IT
formato - interactivo digital


Interactive digital

idioma - ingles



target - 3 a 7 años


12 – 16 years old

genero - educativo



idioma - ingles


4 scenes

aulas - pizarras digitales


Digital whiteboards

Turn your classroom into a detective’s office and solve the crazy case of Sweeney Todd.

In this fun re-imagining of the classic, Sweeney Todd is no longer a barber, but a hairdresser, and a punk hairdresser to boot. One day, one of his clients happens to be the Queen of England, and while he’s cutting her hair and changing her look… Wham! Todd inadvertently slits the throat of the Queen herself. Terrified, he agrees with Mrs. Lovett, the owner of the hot dog stand, to make the body disappear. But things get complicated when Shirley Holmes, the granddaughter of the legendary Sherlock, shows up at the hairdresser’s, accompanied by her assistant, Dr. Watson…

A delirious plot, full of absurd situations that make the audience laugh out loud, as well as a powerful rock soundtrack with rhythm and catchy lyrics.

The perfect play for teachers and students to enjoy the experience of theatre in English during the language learning process!

37 activities,
49 minutes of vídeo

Death by Haircut is divided into 4 sessions or lesson plans that are structured around the 4 scenes that make up the theatrical performance. The online material is designed so that each session lasts the duration of a class, including a multitude of didactic exercises prior to the Death by Haircut video, karaoke songs and choreographies for Tik Tok and revision exercises. The interactive play is set in a mystery scenario in which the students, like real Sherlock Holmes, have to play the role of detectives while practising their English.

The pack is accompanied by a Teacher’s Pack so that teachers can adapt the itineraries and didactic resources included in the pack in a very simple way, adding additional material adapted to the age and level of English of the students.

Teatro online interactivo - Death by Haircut
Teatro online interactivo - Death by Haircut
Teatro online interactivo - Death by Haircut
Teatro online interactivo - Death by Haircut

in the classroom

A theatrical and graphic adventure where the students are the protagonists!

Enigmas, hidden clues, escape rooms… The interface of Death by Haircut conceals a real game of wit in which English is practised naturally, thanks to gamification techniques whereby the student progresses through levels as he or she advances in his or her investigation. The mystery and detective game is fun and motivating for teenagers and has been developed in line with Face 2 Face’s solid and ambitious pedagogical project for language teaching in its more than 20 years of history in Spain.



Each scene is carefully designed combining activities, games, videos, audios and review activities for fun, interactive and effective learning.

Scene 1

1.- Deduction: What are we talking about?
2.- Map
3.- Synopsis: Scene 1
4.- Listening: Presentations – Guess who
5.- Listening: Presentations – The missing word
6.- Descriptions: Find the correct objects
7.- Scene 1: ‘An Unexpected Customer’
8.- Song: ‘The Punk Rock Cut’
9.- Revision: The Labyrinth


Scene 2

1.- Map
2.- Synopsis: Scene 2
3.- Grammar: What makes a good detective?
4.- Listening: Watson’s questions
5.- Song: ‘Psycho Killer’
6.- Tik Tok: ‘Psycho Killer’
7.- Vocabulary: Odd word out
8.- Scene 2: ‘The Investigation’
9.- Revision: The Secret Tapes

Scene 3

1.- Map
2.- Synopsis: Scene 3
3.- Clues: Reveal the hidden message
4.- Song: ‘I Want To Be Evil’
5.- Listening: ‘What’s missing?’
6.- Directions: ‘Find the hot-dog cart’
7.- Vocabulary: Giving directions
8.- Scene 3: ‘Elementary, my poor Watson’
9.- Revision: The Elevator


Scene 4

1.- Map
2.- Synopsis: Scene 4
3.-Memory: Reconstruct the crime
4.- Listening: The Lie Detector
5.- Song: Complete the Lyrics
6.- Scene 4: ‘Surely, She Knew’
7.- Revision: Police report
8.- Map
9.- Board game: ‘Crime!’
10.- Solving the Final Mystery

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