treasure island es una obra de teatro digital interacitvo
vive treasure island en tu aula con let's do it digital online interactive theatre
formato - interactivo digital


Digital interactive

idioma - ingles



target - 3 a 7 años


7 – 12 years

genero - educativo



idioma - ingles


4 scenes

aulas - pizarras digitales


Digital white boards

Experience a fun pirate adventure in your classroom

Two famous pirates, Mad Sea Dog and Long John Silver have a plan: cross the Atlantic Ocean, attack the enemy ship, steal the map of Treasure Island and get their hands on the desired treasure. Everything goes according to plan until… they fight over the map, it splits in two and Mad Sea Dog escapes with his half… Aghrrrrrr!!!! What now?

Now… Long John Silver will have to chase Mad Sea Dog, kicking off a wacky version of Treasure Island filled with crazy scenes, fun challenges and activities, catchy songs and lots of humour.

The perfect show for teachers and students to enjoy the experience of theatre in English during the language learning process!

32 activities,
47 minutes of vídeo

The students will have to sail, like real pirates, to reach safe harbour! In some cases they’ll have to keep the rudder under control and in others they’ll have to sharpen their aim with the cannons, but in all the activities they’ll have to combine their strategy as players with their knowledge of English. Each stage you complete will take you one step closer to the treasure, which you will get once you have completed all the exercises correctly.

In addition, each show comes with a Teacher’s Pack so that teachers can adapt the teaching resources to the age and English level of the students.

Teatro online interactivo - Treasure Island
Teatro online interactivo - Treasure Island
Teatro online interactivo - Treasure Island
Teatro online interactivo - Treasure Island

in the classroom

A theatrical and graphic adventure where the students are the stars!

Treasure Island features maps, interactive exercises, songs, dances, dialogues and challenges to motivate learners. Our reward system makes the experience as challenging as it is fun and rewarding.

The objective: to advance in the treasure hunt via different learning processes – vocabulary, grammar structures, pronunciation, listening… – until you reach the treasure!

A voyage across the seas designed to stimulate curiosity and imagination and enhance learning!


Each scene is carefully designed combining activities, games, videos, audios and review activities for fun, interactive and effective learning.

Scene 1

1.- Map
2.- Grammar: To be a pirate
3.- Pirate vocabulary
4.- Introducing the Characters
5.- Dialogue: What’s the correct order?
6.- Scene 1: ‘The Map’
7.- Revision: Walk the plank
8.- Facts: Women Pirates

Scene 2

1.- Map
2.- Kitchen vocabulary
3.- Match the words
4.- Listening: A recipe
5.- Song: ‘Black Sheep Tavern’
6.- Scene 2: The Black Sheep Tavern
7.- Revision: True or False
8.- Guess the object: The Hold

Scene 3

1.- Map
2.- Pirate vocabulary
3.- Pirate clothes
4.- Song: ‘A pirate you will be’
5.- Grammar: A pirate you will be 6.- Scene 3: Skeleton Island
7.- Revision: Man the Cannons!

Scene 4

1.- Map
2.- Adventure vocabulary
3.- Song: ‘What’s my name?’
4.- Grammar: What am I?
5.- Scene 4: Treasure Island
6.- Odd word out: The cave
7.- Comprehension: What’s the correct order?
8.- Board game: Are you a good treasure hunter?
9.- Treasure hunt

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